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E-Line Ultra Economical Chiller & Heat Pumps 07-17-2015

We realize that everyone can’t justify purchasing a high capacity chiller or heat pump. For a lot of producers, temperature control isn’t even an option. But just because a plant is pouring less than the “big” guys doesn’t mean they deserve fewer options for producing high quality, temperature controlled concrete. For 34 years American Geothermal has manufactured all sizes of chiller and heat pumps, and now, we’ve finally designed the perfect product line for plants producing less than 350 yards per day!


Our E-Line Chillers & Heat Pumps are perfect for small/medium size concrete plants. We have capacities ranging from 5-15 tons all under $20,000.00 USD! The compact size allows you to tuck the system out of the way or carry it around in the back of a pickup! Each E-Line system comes with it’s own circulating pump, digital controller, and, of course, our exclusive no-clog heat exchangers. All models can chill water to 35°F and the heat pumps can additionally heat to 130°F. Available in 460V and 230V configurations.

DON’T FORGET, if purchasing equipment is out of the question, ask us about our rental and lease-to-own equipment. Don’t let cost stand between you and high quality, temperature controlled concrete. Your customers deserve the best product available, and you deserve the ability to provide them with that product regardless of the temperature outside.


Mobile 60 Ton Heat Pump 03-28-2014

American Geothermal has taken its mobile heat pump design to the next level! This mobile system allows 60 tons of heating or cooling to be rolled directly to the job site. The system can create water temperatures anywhere between 35ºF and 140ºF, and the included insulated storage allows for massive amounts of temperature controlled water. Not to mention it all fits on a single standard flatbed trailer!

The single point electrical and simple inlet/outlet water connections allow this system to be easily set up or moved, and of course, the 60 ton heat pump comes with American Geothermal’s custom no-clog heat exchangers. We have even more new systems coming up! Stay connected with us through our facebook or twitter!

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