Many concrete producers have multiple locations where batchwater heating or cooling are necessary. In this case, how many systems do you need for a regional area? Thanks to American Geothermal’s mobile packaging options, the answer is often ONE!

Mobile packaging is the most common modification made to American Geothermal equipment. Virtually any piece of equipment sold through American Geothermal can be modified for mobile usage. Most of the time this involves mounting one or more parts of a heating or cooling system on a trailer or moveable skid.

American Geothermal offers a wide range of new and used trailer and tank options to be paired with other American Geothermal equipment. Additionally, many American Geothermal customers provide their own trailers or tanks to be used for mobile packaging. This is a great way to re-use equipment that you’ve already purchased. Just send us the equipment and we’ll take care of the rest.

Common Mobile Packages and Accessories:

Some of American Geothermal’s top customers even purchase their equipment exclusively mobile packaged.

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