Insulated Storage Tanks

American Geothermal Insulated Storage Tanks are the perfect addition to any concrete plant. American Geothermal tanks are built with ¼” thick steel and primed to prevent rust. Each tank is covered with 2” thick urethane insulation with the best insulative properties in the concrete industry (an average of 1°F change in temperature per day). With an American Geothermal tank you can cool your stored water to 35°F on Friday afternoon and come in Monday with an average of 37°F batchwater.

Every American Geothermal tank comes pre-fit with all necessary plumbing connections to pair with Chillbatch and Thermabatch systems. These tanks can also be fit at the factory or on-site with quick-connect water connections for easy plumbing.

American Geothermal tanks can be mounted on trailers or skids for easy transportation from job to job. When paired with a Chillbatch or Thermabatch system on a trailer, our factory pre-plumbs the tank and unit together with all necessary valves and fittings.

American Geothermal Insulated Storage Tank Features:

    • Volumes ranging from 100 to 25,000 gallons

    • Vertical or horizontal constructions

    • All ¼” steel construction

    • Primed to prevent rust

    • Built-in lifting lugs

    • 2” urethane insulation with UV protective coating

    • Skid-mounted or mobile packaged

    • Available pump and plumbing packages

(Tip: We always recommend that our customers have enough storage to last a full day of operation)
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