Modular Series Chillbatch

 The Concrete Industry's Only Modular Chiller

  •  Expandable chiller system for concrete plants
  •  Built for well-water
  •  Produces colder water (32.5°F or 1.7°C)
  •  Replaces 50lbs of ice per cubic yard on average
  •  Fit for any size operation
  •  Advanced Diagnostic PLC

Performance Benefits

Like a traditional stand-alone chiller, each Chillbatch module is manufactured with its own Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve and Evaporative Heat Exchanger. Chillbatch modules operate independently or simultaneously, providing greater redundancy, flexibility and control over cooling capacity. Fast-growing producers may expand with additional modules at any time. All Chillbatch modules utilize AmGeo's exclusive No-Clog Heat Exchanger and diagnostic PLC for simplified troubleshooting.


We understand the complexities of your operation and when you need us most. That's why we've developed a completely redundant chilling solution to never let you down.



Bumper to bumper for 12 months. 5-year extended warranties on the most  vital components, the compressor and Exclusive No-Clog Heat Exchanger


Our field and In-house service staff is available for assistance                           24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.


  • Plant Evaluation & System Sizing
  • Mix Design Temperature Analysis
  • Cost Comparisons and ROI 

Schedule a specialist for an onsite consultation of your concrete cooling needs (931) 247-2080 or 

Technical System Information