About Us

American Geothermal was founded in 1981 to manufacture custom batchwater heating and cooling equipment for the concrete industry. Since then, our products and services have adapted directly to the needs of concrete producers and contractors all over the world. AmGeo equipment sets itself apart with the ability to tolerate harsh water conditions while also producing colder water than any other chiller at 32.5°F (1.7°C).

Our mission is to build efficient and effective equipment that runs in all conditions for decades. In fact, many of our first chillers and heat pumps are still in use today.

We realize that the concrete industry is a specialized industry that requires specialized equipment. That’s why we build every chiller and heat pump with custom heat exchangers, refrigerant piping, water plumbing, and digital controls, just to name a few. Because we manufacture rather than resell, we can also customize any piece of equipment to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Speaking of reselling…

The FACT is that American Geothermal is the only company that manufactures chillers and heat pumps for the concrete industry. Every other chiller is bought from a larger manufacturer (Trane, Carrier, etc.), sometimes slightly modified, and resold as a product for the concrete industry. These mainstream chiller brands are built to cool buildings with treated water in clean environments. You wouldn’t buy a sedan for industrial hauling, so we won’t sell you a “comfort-cooling” chiller for batching concrete. It’s that simple.

Above all else, we are here to provide our customers with personal service, decades of expertise, and the best equipment in the industry. We would love to help you find the perfect system to meet all of your temperature control needs. For all things temperature control related, call the true experts in the concrete industry.