Modular Chillbatch Batchwater Chiller

All new for 2021, the Concrete Industry's only modular chiller

Chillbatch Modules

Amgeo 20 & 30 Ton modules can be stacked for any capacity and expanded at any time

Location, Location, Location

ALL American Geothermal systems are available in mobile configurations so you can have hot or cold water wherever you need it. Austin Industries, TX

60 Ton Chillbatch Chiller

Call us to see how much we can save you on ICE!

Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heaters!

3,000G - 30,000G Capacities Available


Hot or Cold, It doesn't matter! Rely on Hotbatch & Chillbatch for all of your Concrete Temperature Control Needs. Pre-plumbed, pre-wired, pre-tested & ready to work!

The Concrete Industry’s Only Chiller Manufacturer

Custom Built In Murfreesboro, Tn Since 1981


American Geothermal is expanding its manufacturing plant!

Triple 100 Ton ChillBatch System

Producing 35 degree Batchwater for over 35 Years!

5,000G Hotbatch

5,000G HotBatch with a 1.1M Btu Diesel Fired Burner

Center Hill Dam

Aggregate Cooling through Wet Belts and Batchwater Chilling for a stringent RCC Mix Design Specification

Hot and Cold Batchwater

with ONE system Thermabatch Heat Pumps cool to 35°F or heat to 130°F with the flip of a switch. No gas required. Service Rock Products, NVView More

About Us

American Geothermal was founded in 1981 to manufacture custom batchwater heating and cooling equipment for the concrete industry. Our mission is to build efficient and effective equipment that runs in all conditions for decades. In fact, many of our first chillers and heat pumps are still in use today.

The ONLY chiller built for the concrete industry produces colder water (35°F) and has a longer usable lifespan than any other chiller brand.

The original, all-in-one batchwater heating and cooling system produces hot (130°F) and cold (35°F) batchwater for year-round production.

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