American Geothermal’s Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heater is the latest development in the Concrete Temperature Control Industry.  Hotbatch was developed after numerous customer requests for a better option to meet their cold-weather concrete needs.  Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heaters have the ability to produce tempered batchwater up to 180°F (82.2°C) and also doubles as a Chilled Batchwater storage tank during the summer months.  Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heaters are hand built in Murfreesboro, TN under strict quality control supervision and each unit is run-tested prior to shipment.

Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heaters are available in sizes ranging from 5,000G to 20,000G and offer multiple burner options.  Hotbatch burners can accommodate Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, Diesel or a combination of the three.   Any model can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences such as the addition of batchwater delivery pumps, truck pumps, chiller platforms, customized electrical options and insulation options.

Most Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heaters are manufactured with  AMGEO premium urethane insulation. The urethane insulation is sprayed to a minimum thickness of 2". The urethane foam bonds to the steel tank preventing any moisture penetration and is protected with a two-step UV protective coating. Whether storing heated or chilled batchwater, these tanks are known to lose only 1-2° in a 24 hour day.   

Hotbatch Batchwater Tank Heaters are also offered with insulation wrapped with an aluminum skin like this unit for the Las Vegas Raider's new stadium in Paradise, Nevada. This 20,000G Hotbatch also includes dual 3.4M Btu/hr burners to meet the extreme concrete production demand.  

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