FlightTech is the newest addition to American Geothermal’s maintenance and service program. It is the industry’s first diagnostic remote monitoring system. FlightTech is a small box that connects to your American Geothermal Chillbatch, Thermabatch, or E-Line system and gives our in-house certified technicians a direct connection to the equipment.

Using FlightTech our in-house technicians can assist with startups, diagnose possible problems, and provide 24 hour monitoring.

For a yearly subscription, FlightTech can be be purchased or paired with your American Geothermal equipment.
Customers that choose this option have access to automatically emailed alarms, daily, weekly, or monthly performance data emails, 24 hour remote web monitoring, and free remote support from American Geothermal’s in-house service staff.

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FlightTech is American Geothermal’s latest revolutionary offering for service and maintenance!

FlightTech is the concrete industry’s first digital service assistant. It is a device that pairs with your American Geothermal Chillbatch chiller or Thermabatch heat pump that provides remote monitoring, data logging, automated email alerts, and system diagnostic assistance.

FlightTech connects you to your American Geothermal equipment like never before. Smart phones, tablets, computers with internet connection can access your secure, personalized FlightTech portal. Through this portal you can view how your system is operating, download 24 hour reports and view previous operating data, make setpoint adjustments, set up fault email notifications, and more. Multiple American Geothermal systems can be put in the same portal no matter what their geographical location. View all of your systems from one web page!

FlightTech becomes even more incredible when paired with the expertise of American Geothermal’s inhouse service staff. Using FlightTech our in-house technicians can view pertinent data to diagnose potential problems and make sure your American Geothermal system is running at its peak performance. Using FlightTech, American Geothermal customers can save lost time and money by eliminating unneeded service calls.

FlightTech uses a cellular data connection and can be connected to any major service provider. It requires only a simple 120V electrical supply to operate. FlightTech may be rented or purchased depending on the use case.

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Geothermal equipment!