Precast / Prestress

Here at American Geothermal we believe in products built specifically for the industry that they will be used for. Many of the other guys will say that temperature control is the same whether its being used in a hotel or a ready mix concrete plant. Our 33 years in the heating and cooling industry has taught us otherwise.

We’ve learned that industrial work requires industrial equipment. That’s why we manufacture our batchwater chillers and heat pumps specifically for the ready mix concrete industry.

Our heat exchangers, controls, included equipment, and services are all designed for the scenarios that you’ll probably run across on a concrete plant. Just to name a few:

  • No-clog heat exchangers with a 5 year warranty

  • Integrated system pumps

  • Advanced controls with options such as: external batch house display, dilution control, manual pump on/off, manual and automatic defrost, detailed pressure and temperature readouts, and detailed fault alerts

  • Simple single point electrical and water connections

  • Available on-site startup

American Geothermal systems can reach colder temperatures than anyone else in the industry. Our chillers and heat pumps can maintain a tank of 35ºF batchwater year round without the use of any additives. Additionally, our heat pumps can maintain the same 35ºF and then with the flip of a switch heat up to 140ºF. We also offer auxiliary natural gas, LP, and electric heaters if hotter temperatures are required. This means your trucks can go farther, and your pours can stay consistent year round.

For aggregate heating and cooling we offer several services. Most notably our Air Blast aggregate heater. With this system we can heat stone and sand while they are in your storage bins. Unlike steam, we produce dry air at 170ºF to keep out ice and extra unwanted moisture.

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