Air Source Heat Pumps

The American Geothermal Air Source Heat Pump System heats and cools batch water at a fraction of the operating costs of other existing methods. This reverse cycle air to water system boasts a unique design allowing it to use the energy stored in air as its primary energy source, only supplementing with electricity as necessary. The energy in air is FREE! Using the air source heat pump system will allow you to cool your concrete up to 10° and heat your concrete up to 20°.

American Geothermal has combined solid state computer controls with advanced heat pump technology to create this efficient method of heating and cooling concrete. Each unit is designed to recover during the evening hours without supervision.

  • Solves temperature control problems and improves end product.

  • One unit heats or cools with the flip of a switch.

  • Cools your batch water to 35° and heats up to 120°. Optional auxiliary heater will heat up to 180°.

  • Built into regular batching procedure with no time loss.

  • Completely automatic, low maintenance.

  • Custom designed to meet your production requirements.

  • Factory support and training.

  • Easily portable (option).

  • Energy efficient and economical to operate.

  • Significantly lower operating costs than other heating and cooling methods

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