Concrete Chillers

American Geothermal Chillbatch Batchwater Chillers are the only chillers built for the concrete industry. Chillbatch chillers produce the coldest water in the industry, 35°F (1.7°C) with no additives. No other chiller brand comes close!
This is because every Chillbatch chiller is custom built with specialized mechanical and digital components specifically for ready-mix and precast concrete plants.

Exclusive Chillbatch Features:

  • Maintains batchwater storage tank at 35°F (1.7°C)

  • Built-in dilution control automatically controls tank fill valve

  • Uses all types of water (city, well, quarry, etc) without needing expensive filtration

  • American Geothermal exclusive No-Clog Heat Exchangers

  • Custom digital controls designed for concrete plants

  • Dual circuit operation to make sure you’re always operational

  • Built-in circulation pump